Sense and Sensibility Movie (1995) – A Review

Sense and Sensibility (1995) DVDNominated for seven Academy Awards®, the 1995 movie Sense and Sensibility remains one of my most cherished interpretations of a Jane Austen novel. Everything about this film project seems to be touched with gold; from the award-winning screenplay by actress Emma Thompson; to the incredible depth of British acting talent: Kate Winslet, Alan Rickman, Gemma Jones, Harriet Walter, Greg Wise, Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson; stunning film locations in Devonshire; and the fine brush-work of the Taiwanese director Any Lee. The movie touched many and introduced Jane Austen’s classic story of two divergent sisters searching for happiness and love to millions. I never tire of viewing it, basking in its beautiful cinematography, enjoying its thoughtful performances and marveling at its exquisitely crafted screenplay – both reverent to Austen’s intentions and engaging to modern audiences.

There has been so much discussed online already about this movie that I doubt I can add any new insights. I can, however, share with you what I find so moving about it: the performances, the music, the language, and the filming locations. I feel that the movie can say it so much more than I, so here are a few video excerpts for your enjoyment.

The trailer

Edward Ferrars and Elinor listen to Marianne play the pianoforte

Mrs. Jennings tries to winkle information out of the young Miss Dashwood’s and Col. Brandon meets Marianne.

Mr. Palmer is quite rude today!

Good God Willoughby!

Elinor, where is your heart?

Miss Lucy Steele calls on Elinor – and so does Edward Ferrars!

Marianne goes in search of Combe Magna in the rain

All’s well that ends with a wedding!

5 out of 5 Stars

Sense and Sensibility 1995
Sony Pictures (1995)
DVD Region 1 (2h 16m)
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28 thoughts on “Sense and Sensibility Movie (1995) – A Review

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  1. Go Team Marianne! Mrs. Jennings certainly was very funny. Emma Thompson speech at the Golden Globes as Jane Austen is one of the funniest things ever!


  2. I love Col. Brandon, his sense of integrity and fair play; and it doesn’t hurt that I really like Alan Rickman and his portrayal. Thanks for the giveaway.


  3. I have to agree that Col. Brandon was really well done by Alan Rickman. Emma Thompson was an excellent Eleanor, though. I loved the whole thing. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to watch an Austen movie adaptation without having read the book. The imagination of the reader fills in the missing movie parts and enriches the experience. So I never really know how good the movie is to one who has only watched and not read.
    Brenda B.


  4. This is the first version I saw of the movie and it compelled me to read the book. I identify most with Marianne I suppose because I play the piano and I have an idealized view of love


  5. One of the greatest films of all time! Kate Winslet’s Marianne and Greg Wise’s Willoughby are particularly perfect, and the script is as quotable as any ever written, both the Jane parts and the Thompson parts (These are not from the hothouse!)


  6. Mr. Palmer was so entertaining in this adaptation, though I’d have to say that Elinor is my favorite character.


  7. In the movie, I have to say Mr. Palmer, partly because I love Hugh Laurie. His grumpiness and rudeness was funny.


  8. I love this version, mostly because Alan Rickman IS Col. Brandon for me. I’ve seen a number of different movie versions, but Rickman matches nearly perfectly to the Brandon I’ve pictured in my head.


  9. I plan to have friends in this summer to watch this version. I loved reading the book written by Emma Thompson on the making of the movie. I recommend it. Please exclude me from the drawing and allow someone else the pleasure of winning it. I got it years ago.

    How does one find the clip of Emma Thompson’s Oscar speech? I remember loving it!


    1. I have also learned that Emma Thompson fell in love with Greg Wise Willoughby, during this film. They are married still and have 2 children, I believe.


  10. Emma Thompson’s oscar speech is on youtube! Very funny! I have to admit, I really enjoyed the 2008 S&S by BBC. I haven’t seen this one in years, but I remember really liking it, too. Elinor is always my favorite character! I love her quiet fortitude. But I also really love this book for the loyality and devotion that each of the four Dashwood girls (I mean Mrs. Dashwood and her daughters of course!) have for each other. A family like that can weather any storm.


  11. Kate Winslet’s portrayal is my favorite in this movie. Though Alan Rickman’s Colonel Brandon is a close second.


  12. I simply love Emma Thompson in every role she takes on as an actress. She was a perfect Elinor! I really enjoyed this film, especially its soundtrack. I love its tranquility and romanticism.


  13. In response to Karen’s inquiry; you can watch Emma Thompson’s witty acceptance speech by Googling: “Emma Thompson Golden Globes 1996, youtube”.
    It runs about four minutes and is very clever!


  14. I had completely forgotten that Hugh Laurie was in this movie; he is the perfect rude Mr. Palmer. My favorite character is still Elinor. Emma Thompson was splendid and her screen writing ability is evident. She is so very talented and I like her in any role.

    I have to admit that I think Alan Rickman is miscast as Colonel Brandon. He just doesn’t seem to fit this role; maybe it is because I have seen him in so many other roles, I can’t make this one fit.


  15. I thought the film was one of the best cast I’ve seen. I thought Greg Wise made an excellent Willoughby, but Alan Rickman’s version of Colonel Brandon was my favorite. My significant other likes Alan Rickman, too, but it was for his portrayal of the bad guy in Die Hard. I prefer him as Colonel Brandon watching in awe as he first encounters Marianne as she plays the piano-forte.


  16. My favorite character in the movie is Marianne. She is excellent in this version! I think the only way her portrayal could have been improved is by making the movie into a mini-series. Mr. Palmer is also one of my favorites. He’s brilliant!


  17. My favorite character in this movie is Willoughby hands down. And while he is handsome I find his character very intriguing. I don’t believe he is complete horrible guy, but does do what is necessary of the time period with Marianne (even though I still get angry with him for what he does to Colonel Brandon). I even named my car after him :)


  18. I thought the acting in this version was wonderful. Alan rickman’s facial expressions as Brandon were spot on for me. My favorite however was Marianne/ Kate winslet. This was the first movie I had seen her act in and she was just as I pictured Marianne as I read the book.


  19. Hugh Laurie as Mr. Palmer has to be one of my favorites in this film! He’s such a scene stealer and hilarious in a way other actors portraying the role just can’t capture. It’s also I think, a very nuanced performance for a relatively minor role. I’m always struck by the level of concern he shows for Marianne as he and Mrs. Palmer leave…


  20. I love this version and all of the characters. Although I must admit, Hugh Grant probably wouldn’t have been my pick for Edward. But every other cast member was perfect! This movie made me an Alan Rickman fan forever! And on a side note, I always thought the actress who played Lucy Steele look alot like the figure skater Tonya Harding??


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