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Announcing the Celebrating Georgette Heyer Giveaway Winners!

Without further ado – here are all of the giveaway winners in the Celebrating Georgette Heyer event in August, 2010

Day 01   Aug 01 – Review: Georgette Heyer’s Regency World

Melly S., librarypat, Alexa Adams, Elizabeth, and RegencyRomantic

Day 02   Aug 02 – Review: The Black Moth


Day 02   Aug 02 – Review: Powder and Patch


Day 03   Aug 04 – Review: These Old Shades

Sandra J.

Day 03   Aug 04 – Review: The Masqueraders


Day 04   Aug 06 – Review: Devil’s Cub

Lady T.

Day 04   Aug 06 – Review: The Convenient Marriage (Naxos AudioBooks)

Jennrenee, Meredith, and Felicia J.

Day 05   Aug 08 – Review: Regency Buck


Day 05   Aug 08 – Review: The Talisman Ring

Julee Johnson

Day 06    Aug 09 – Review: An Infamous Army


Day 06   Aug 09 – Review: The Spanish Bride


Day 07    Aug 11 – Review: The Corinthian


Day 07   Aug 11 – Review: Faro’s Daughter

Cathy Allen

Day 08    Aug 13 – Review: The Reluctant Widow


Day 08   Aug 13 – Review: The Foundling


Day 09    Aug 15 – Review: Arabella


Day 09   Aug 15 – Review: The Grand Sophy

Laura’s Reviews

Day 10   Aug 16 – Review: Friday’s Child

Bloggin BB

Day 11    Aug 18 – Review: The Quiet Gentleman


Day 11   Aug 18 – Review: Cotillion

Meredith Austenesque Reviews

Day 12   Aug 20 – Review: The Toll-Gate

Trish B.

Day 12   Aug 20 – Review: Bath Tangle

Chelsea B.

Day 13   Aug 22 – Review: Sprig Muslin


Day 13   Aug 22 – Review: April Lady

Theresa N.

Day 14   Aug 23 – Review: Sylvester


Day 14   Aug 23 – Review: Venetia


Day 15    Aug 25 – Review: The Unknown Ajax


Day 15   Aug 25 – Review: A Civil Contract

Kristen Skold

Day 16    Aug 27 – Review: The Nonesuch


Day 16   Aug 27 – Review: False Colours

Regency Romantic

Day 17    Aug 29 – Review: Frederica

QN PoohBear

Day 17   Aug 29 – Review: Black Sheep


Day 18    Aug 30 – Review: Cousin Kate


Day 18   Aug 30 – Review: Charity Girl


Day 19   Aug 31 – Review: Lady of Quality


Grand Prize winner of 34 Heyer novels is Linda B.

Congratulations to all the winners. If you could kindly contact me with your full name, address, and which book you won by midnight Pacific time, September 14, 2010, I would be most grateful. Please leave a comment acknowledging your win. Because of the number of prizes I will not be able to chase down the winners, so if you do not respond by the deadline, I will draw additional names again on September 15, 2010. Shipment of books to the continental US and Canada only. Digital download on The Convenient Marriage internationally.

Many thanks to all of the bloggers who contributed reviews, and for everyone who participated. It was great fun. Enjoy the books!

71 thoughts on “Announcing the Celebrating Georgette Heyer Giveaway Winners!”

  1. I am just so excited, I want to call everybody I know who shares my love of reading. I really enjoyed the month of August, reading reviews of some books I’d read, and of lots more I want to read. Scrolling down through the list of winners this morning, envious of all the other winners, and then get to the bottom of the list and see my name – grand prize winner. Soooo exciting!

    Congratulations to the other winners, and thanks again for the Georgette Heyer month and the generous giveaway.


  2. Congratulations to all the winners. I found your site in the middle of your Georgette Heyer celebration. I loved reading all the reviews and learning so much about all the novels I have yet to read. Thank you so much for all the hard work it took to put this together and Congratulations to all the winners. I am glad I found this site.


  3. Thank you so much for the Georgette Heyer event. It was so much fun to read all the great reviews during the month of August. I’m eager to read the Heyer that I won, Lady of Quality, and many more. Thank you.


  4. Oh wow! GH’s Regency World and False Colors! =D I should have bought the lottery ticket today… ;-)

    Congratulations to Linda B, you lucky girl! And to the rest of the winners, let’s all revel in Heyer’s Regency world…

    All thanks to Laurel Ann, Sourcebooks, and Harlequinn, for such generous swags! It will certainly continue to chase away a fit of the blue devils for me! =)


  5. Thank you so much. The Quiet Gentleman is one of my favorite books – I am so lucky! And I cannot wait to reread it.

    I have to tell you how much I enjoyed all the reviews and posts about Heyer – it was a pleasure to hear what others thought and to share our enjoyment of her work.


  6. Congrats to all of the winners! I am so excited to have won The Grand Sophy. I’ve always heard good things about it and now I’ll finally get to read it!

    Thank-you to Laurel Ann for hosting such a fun event. I’ve really enjoyed reading all of the reviews and Heyer material this past month. And of course thank-you to Sourcebooks and Harlequinn for the fantastic giveaways!


  7. Me actually winning something.. how did that happen?? Anyway, I would love to read April Lady again, only this time I don’t have to return it to the library! Thanks for all the lovely reviews and postings on Heyer books! I loved reading every one of them!


  8. I won! I won! Black Sheep . . .

    Thank you for holding this event – and especially for drawing my name for one that I only own in an ancient battered Pan edition!

    Congratulations, Linda B. – I envy you!! ;)


  9. Hurray! So happy to have won “Georgette Heyer’s Regency World”- I absolutely loved this fantastic month of celebration!


  10. Thank you so much,Laurel,for holding this lovely Heyer event and for my prize of Devil’s Cub as well! My e-mail should be in your inbox soon and congrats to my fellow prize winners as well:)


  11. Thanks Laurel Ann, for my winning “Faro’s Daughter,” and especially for this Georgette Heyer Celebration. I shall really enjoy having the new book, and I greatly enjoyed the whole event!
    Thanks again,
    Cathy Allen


  12. Wow! I’m looking forward to the chance to correct my error in not having read A Civil Contract before. This was a lovely series – I enjoyed it all thoroughly – and then to win a book as well. Thanks!


  13. I was so very excited to partcipate in this wonderful event, but to win a brand new Heyer novel on top of it all … I feel as effusive as Mrs. Bennet!

    Thank you so much Laurel Ann, it was beautiful tribute to Georgette Heyer! And thank you Sourcebooks for providing the books!!!

    Congrats to all the fellow winners!


  14. Congrats to Linda B. and all the other winners. I’m excited to win a copy of The Toll Booth. I sold all my Heyer books back in the 1970s to get money for college, so this is the start of a new collection! Thank you for doing this!


  15. Wow! Wow! Wow! I can’t believe I won! I am so excited about The Convenient Marriage audio book. After the day I have had, it was great to come home from work and have wonderful news! Thank you for a great event, Laurel Ann! It was so fun. And congrats to all the other winners :)


  16. Okay, Ladies, with how much excited trepidation did we all visit Laurel Ann’s blog today? Congratulations to all the winners, including moi for The Corinthian! I am doing a happy dance but not quite the jig Linda B is doing.

    It would be fun and interesting if Laurel Ann had a revisit to this wonderful Heyer celebration and we all came back and commented on our reads. It would be nice to hear from those rediscovering Heyer, those continually devoted and those of us getting our first introduction to her. I am so glad the problem of which book would be my first Heyer has been taken care of for me!

    I again express my thanks to Laurel Ann, all the reviewers and contributors, and Sourcebooks, not only for such a wonderful event but also for making the month of August so fascinating and for making my day today!


      1. Laurel Ann, are you really going to do the revisit Heyer celebration suggestion? I am excited if so and touched that you like the idea. I hope the other winners and Heyer readers will join in. I won’t get too excited yet, just in case you weren’t serious.

        Finally mailed my info tonight, I had problems getting to my email.


    1. Now, Dawn, don’t say “ladies” and exclude the few male Heyer lovers out there. :P Although I daresay we are a very small minority.

      So happy to get a new copy of Arabella! On reflection, I probably should only have commented on reviews of books I didn’t already own/had read and wanted a new copy of, but my Arabella is an old large-type edition, and the new, beautiful SourceBooks version will be a welcome replacement.


      1. NCGraham – I stand corrected and promise to never leave out you and your amazing and small minority again ;~0 I am glad you won a book and that the men are represented among the lucky winners. If you haven’t read The Corinthians, I would be glad to mail you my copy when I’m finished. We could do a book exchange type thing.

        I have seen your comments throughout the Heyer celebration not knowing your unique perspective. So, for someone who will be reading their first Heyer, what draws you to her novels? How do you feel about her historicals and mysteries?


        1. Heyer is not someone I would ever have thought of reading on my own, but she was recommended to me by people who knew I loved Austen. I think I like her most for her humor, although I’m rather a sentimental fella too. I think my perspective on the heroes and heroines is slightly different from a woman’s. I generally want the heroes to be guys I would like to hang out with, and wouldn’t mind my sister marrying.

          I haven’t read any of her historicals or mysteries yet, but I want to.

          Thanks for the offer of an exchange, but I think I’ll pass. I have so many of her books already and haven’t read hardly any of them. Also, those I don’t keep I’m planning to pass along to a friend. Again, though, thanks.


          1. Reading your point of view does make sense that you would be looking at the men as guys you could see yourself hanging out with, but I really like that you added that they would be someone you wouldn’t mind your sister marrying. What is your unique POV of the female characters? It will be interesting to see how I relate and feel towards the female characters with my first venture into Heyer. I ignored her for years, grouping her in with the standard formulaic Regency romances. This event showed me how wrong I was. It was her historical accuracy, wit and humor and comparison to Austen that got me to change my mind.

            I have to admit it is refreshing to meet a man who admittedly likes Austen, Heyer and the ilk and not for scholarly reasons but for reading pleasure. I am very glad to have met you here at Laurel Ann’s blog. And I totally understand you not wanting to do the exchange, no bad feelings, I was just trying to help out. On the other hand I am jealous you have so many of her books though ;~)


            1. Haha, I started off saying I had a unique POV with regards to the female characters, too, didn’t I? And then I never came through. Ummm, not sure how true that actually is. I may eventually come across one that I find attractive in the way that female readers are attracted to her men, but that hasn’t really happened yet. I think that because Heyer wrote primarily for a female audience, she wants us to relate to the heroines – if not exactly to put ourselves in her place, at least to evince a brotherly or sisterly affection for her, rather the way Sherry’s friends do for Hero in Friday’s Child.

              By the way, you should see if anyone is selling lots of Heyer books on Ebay. That’s how I sized up my collection – I won twelve books on there with one bid!


  17. Excited to have won as well. Laurel Ann, you’ll see my note in your inbox with my suggestion. I can’t wait to read more of Heyer’s novels. I don’t know which one to start with first!


  18. I, too, found this site because of your month of Heyer tribute, and I eagerly absorbed all of the reviews of the books I love so dearly. It even inspired me to pull out my well-loved (read: sadly tattered!) copies for a leisurely re-read. This site is a terrific resource and has found a permanent place on my favorites list.


    1. I am deeply touched Subversa that your have been inspired to re-read your well-loved volumes of Heyer. She has many fans who are very passionate about her works. I am new to her novels, but it only took three chapters before I was hooked. It was a pleasure to organize this event and so rewarding to hear that others appreciate Heyer as much as I do. Thanks for visiting.

      Cheers, Laurel Ann


  19. Indeed I realize that I am the lucky duck, and, as someone mentioned, I’ve been doing the happy dance. Thanks for all the ‘congratulations’ messages.
    I’m the oldest of a three-generation Georgette Heyer fan club. In fact my granddaughter was home from grad school a couple of weeks ago, and requested some GH novels to take back to school with her. So, every title I receive will be read and loved by three of us, at least, and I will pass along to others the older copies that are being duplicated.
    Again, thanks so much for the month-long celebration of reviews and comments, and of course, especially, thank you for the generous giveaway!


    1. Linda – I have to say when I saw in one of your earlier posts that you had spread your Heyer obsession over three generations I then realized that there were actually three winners here. Then I read this comment and just had to respond. I am the one who mentioned you having the biggest happy dance. Well, I hope when the package arrives, all three of you are there and do one heck of a happy dance!



  20. Yeah! I’m so happy to have won precisely the book I wanted! Big huge congrats to everybody, especially Linda B. What a windfall! Thank you, Laurel Ann, for a lovely month of Heyer happiness.


  21. Well, make my day, why don’t you! I won Regency Buck–can’t wait to read it this winter when it’s cold and dreary and I need something fun and exciting.


  22. Thank you! I really enjoyed reading all the posts about Heyer and reading all the comments. Thanks for creating such a great forum to share appreciation for one of my favorite authors.

    Venetia is, in my opinion, one of Heyer’s best. I can’t wait to reread it and feel so lucky to have won a copy!


  23. Wow! I don’t usually win drawings, so this totally made my day. I currently have The Masqueraders checked out from the library, but I haven’t started it yet. I’ll take it back tomorrow so I can read my own copy.

    Thanks again for hosting this wonderful event, Laurel Ann. I’ll email you my address tomorrow.


  24. Kaloo-Kalay! The Unknown Ajax is coming my way!

    Hugo is my favourite mountain, with Sir Anthony Fanshawe running a close second. Large, competent men who see much more than they let on, but Hugo has the decided advantage of an unsuppressable sense of the ridiculous.

    Thanks so much, Laurel Ann, for that wonderful month of Heyer and the great giveaway.


  25. Congratulations to all the winners! I can’t believe I won Frederica! I almost never ever win anything. The timing is amazing. The GH month posts inspired me to look for her books at a seconds hand book shop and they had Frederica but I couldn’t reach it and it was hardcover, therefore probably too much money even used. I just went to Borders with my gift card from Christmas that looking for The Regency World Of GH or Frederica and they didn’t have any Heyer books on the shelf at all! (Borders is more convenient than B&N.) As someone above remarked, it will be fun to reread without having to take it back to the library!


  26. Thank you and congratulations to all the winners. I have been looking forward to getting GEORGETTE HEYER’S REGENCY WORLD.
    Thank you for holding such a wonderful and fun event.


  27. Thank you, Laurel Ann! This was so much fun, and I learned so much more about Georgette Heyer’s other books, the month of Heyer especially helped me determine which ones to read next! I’m looking forward to the book!


  28. Congrats to the winners! Thanks so much for hosting the fabulous event, so much information to peruse! I learned a lot and I cannot wait to read some more of Heyer’s works based on the wonderful reviews that were posted during your event. Brava!


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