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‘A Soirée with Lady Susan’ thank you!

Afternoon Dress fashion plate from Ladies Museum Monthly 1800Gentle Readers: Even though etiquette always prevailed during Jane Austen’s time, today I am always pleasantly surprised to receive a thoughtful thank you letter for anything I do here, so when Mandy N.’s cheerful note arrived thanking me for hosting ‘A Soirée with Lady Susan’ earlier this month, I was all astonishment. Also included was this beautiful vintage image of two Georgian era ladies in afternoon dresses from an 1800 Ladies Museum Monthly fashion plate, reminiscent of our two friends, Lady Susan and Mrs. Johnson in the novella perhaps! Mandy N. also kindly sent along her thoughts about the soiree and her experience. Here is a excerpt – the entire summation has been added to the Lady Susan page to help future readers. 

‘What a Woman she must be!’  Reginald de Courcy (Letter 4)  

The fun of our on-line group read was the interaction of Austen readers around the world, coming together to discuss ideas on Lady Susan. Our Soiree was a pleasant party; an opportunity to read Jane’s little gem and discover Lady Susan resources. Hostess Laurel Ann contributed her musings; whilst fans a-flutter, participants contributed conjecture and opinion on the letters. 

You can read the entire thank you letter here with my thanks to Mandy N. and all who participated. 

Cheers, Laurel Ann

3 thoughts on “‘A Soirée with Lady Susan’ thank you!”

  1. A lovely letter from Mandy! And as I was a winner of the audio CD of Lady Susan I can absolutely agree with her comments that hearing it on CD or being read to as I like to say…. is the best! Laurel Ann – the CD arrived yesterday, Thank You very much!


  2. Thanks, Mandy N, for expressing your thoughts so eloquently and succinctly about the Lady Susan soiree. I couldn’t agree more with everything you said!

    Thanks again, Laurel Ann, and I shall ‘fly on wings of anticipation’ for the next soiree.

    And I think I will go and download the Naxos Audiobook CD of Lady Susan right now!


  3. …and thankyou ladies, it was a pleasure to meet you both at Lady Susan’s Soiree; hope I did justice to your GR comments and to Laurel Ann. :)


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