BBAW Day 5 – Blog Improvement Goals

Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2009

Final day of the Book Blogger Appreciation Week and the challenge is to write in 50 words or less, on what I like about my blog now, and where would I like it to be in one year? 

We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be. Fanny Price, Mansfield Park, Ch 42

*squirming in seat*  Not sure I like this challenge question. 

Right off the top, I am going to fail at the 50 word limit. I must have my share of the conversation, so I can never say in fifty words what needs to be said in two hundred. 

I’ve never had lofty goals for this blog. I created Austenprose on a whim with no other objective then to chat about my favorite author – so some big grandiose plan seems forced. I could write a lot on what I like about this blog. That’s easy. Everything that you see I like, or I would not bother making you look at it or read it. 

Writing a blog about Jane Austen, her works and other books inspired by her is pretty focused. I will never have a mass audience, nor do I want a thundering horde. A cozy unassuming little blog that is a respite suits me fine. In a year, who knows? My only aspiration is to be honest and engaging. If you have that, the rest will follow. As in life, it is best to just sit back and let our inner guide tell you what is best. It sure worked for Fanny Price.

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