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Welcome to ‘A Soirée with Lady Susan’ a Celebration of Jane Austen’s Delightfully Wicked Novella

A Soiree with Lady Susan, September 1-14, 2009

“She is clever and agreeable, has all that knowledge of the world which makes conversation easy, and talks very well, with a happy command of language, which is too often used, I believe, to make black appear white.” 

 Welcome, to ‘A Soirée with Lady Susan’, an in depth look at Jane Austen’s delightfully wicked novella Lady Susan. Please join us September 1st through the 14th, 2009 as we investigate the humor, guile, and artful allurements of one of Jane Austen’s most infamously immoral and dangerously scheming heroines – Lady Susan Vernon. Included will be a group read and discussion, guest bloggers, and plenty of great giveaways.

Is Lady Susan as fabulously wicked as the  gossips proclaim,

or just an innocent merry widow?  

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