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Announcing ‘A Soirée with Lady Susan’ at Austenprose

A Soiree with Lady Susan, September 1-14, 2009 

You are most cordially invited to 

‘A Soirée with Lady Susan’ 

September 1st- 14th, 2009 at Austenprose 

In honor of Jane Austen’s

divertingly wicked novella 

Lady Susan

Welcome Janeites and classic literature fans. Austenprose is pleased to announce its third Jane Austen novel event, ‘A Soirée with Lady Susan’ beginning on September 1st through September 14th, 2009. Please join us as we investigate Lady Susan, Jane Austen’s early novella with the most infamously immoral and dangerously scheming heroine ever – Susan Vernon. Is she truly as fabulously wicked as the gossip proclaims, or just an innocent merry widow?

Included in the event will be a group read of Lady Susan, discussion of its charms and foibles, historical background on epistolary novels and Regency letter writing, guest bloggers, and plenty of great giveaways. Starting September 1st with an introduction to the event and a list of the great giveaways, don’t miss out on the social event of the season.

The pleasure of your reply is

greatly appreciated!

R.S.V.P by August 31st, or join the party in progress 

A Soiree with Lady Susan has concluded. Read all of the posts in the event archive.

66 thoughts on “Announcing ‘A Soirée with Lady Susan’ at Austenprose”

  1. I will dig through my stacks of books to dig this out and I would be delighted to join this little soirée!

    (I really love the word soirée.)


  2. Ah, wonderful! I’ve been wanting to read Lady Susan for a while, and this is just the gentle nudge I needed. :)


  3. I would love to take part in this joyous soiree! I have been meaning to read Lady Susan for a while now, so this should help jump start me!


  4. Haha, I was just feeling guilty the other day for professing to being a Jane Austen lover and even though I hadn’t read Lady Susan. This would be a good incentive, though like Molly I’m worried that school will take over my life.
    Great idea Laurel Ann!


  5. I last “read” Lady Susan by listening to the wonderful Harriet Walter read her part on an audio version.

    Can’t wait to read it again en masse.


  6. Excellent choice for a discussion Laurel Ann! You will be getting many people to read it who never have – and they are in for a treat! – looking forward to your “Soiree”!


  7. So happy to see so many R.S.V.P.’s arrive so promptly. It shall be a fine gathering. I am happy I have encouraged others to read or re-read Lady Susan. I am no expert, so we shall learn about her together.

    Cheers, Laurel Ann


  8. I found this blog via a blog friends blog and I think it is so great! I recieved Lady Susan by accident, it had the Forsythe Saga dust jacket on it in teh store and didn’t realize that it was a compilation of everything JA did other than her main novels. lol I should have been disappointed but wasn’t really.


  9. I will try to read this with you all, I have promised myself I will read all of Jane again but I have not yet read Lady Susan,
    thank you, Giuseppina


  10. I’m in. I have this one on my list of books to read for the Everything Austen Challenge anyway so this will push me to make sure I get to it!


  11. Hi ! I heard about this Soiree via a chat; and would love to join Lady Susan’s conspiracy. ;-) Please do count me in…Many thanks !


  12. I have been wanting to read Jane Austen’s novels, I’m reading Northanger Abbey right now, so it only seems right to read Lady Susan right after, I can not wait for this little soiree to being. I will defiantly be participating.


  13. delightful idea & it looks as though the company will be entertaining (& whether or not “the gowns [will be] middling.”)

    (that latter is in reference to Emma Thompson’s acceptance speech for “Sense and Sensibility” …unfortunately the event escapes me.)



  14. Hi Laurel Ann and other party members,
    Thanks for the invitation, I’m joining you while the party is just in progress.
    Sorry for being a bit late, but just in time.

    I have ordered the book(s), I just read the character list, and I hope no one minds that my English is not flawless.
    Until the arrival of the book(s) I shall read the letters online.
    Thanks for that tip.

    I’ve just read the first letter of Lady Susan online, and I’m thinking this is another good way to practice my English Thanks for all the fun I’m already having.

    I hope you all don’t mind if I don’t know enough English words to discuss or review matters very deep.
    I’ve my dictionairies always next to the computer, but I’m not looking at the correct spelling of each word I write.


  15. Well, better late than never. I’ve been trying to save my unread Austens, but this soiree looks too delightful to pass up. Off to go catch up with Lady Susan!


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